The Selectric Piano

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The Selectric Piano allows a typist to become an experimental pianist. Each letter typed equals one note played. This is done electromechanically by way of a 88-key adaptor that sits on top of the piano keyboard. The Selectric typewriter and a piano both have 88 keys. It was meant to be.

When the typist is at work playing the piano, a tiny camera projects the text so the audience reads and hears the music of the language. Warning: some words, phrases or ideas may sound better than others. Use caution when composing.

Many people ask us, "How did you decide which typewriter keys would match with which musical notes?" This meticulous task was undertaken by INVISIBLE contributor and original member, Jonathan Henderson.

The logic in choosing each of the connections between the 88 characters on the Selectric and the 88 notes of the piano.
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