Bart Trotman

Bart Trotman is a sound diver, a plunderphonicist, a video creator and casiotone hoarder. He has released several albums under the moniker Workday/Schoolnight, where minimal synth post-punk, found sound collages and plastic beats merge to form a dance party for the disenchanted. His End-User Archive of VHS and audio cassettes plucked from answering machines continues to grow while struggling for one last breath of air time. Your ’87 family beach trip footage would be a welcome contribution.

Having spent the last decade amassing an impressive arsenal of lost cassette recordings, his collection of hundreds of "incoming message" tapes plucked from answering machines is a library of accidental poetry. These private messages open up to their unintended audiences like a found snapshot or a love note plucked from the sidewalk. Trotman's 2005 recording project, "Messages", received critical acclaim for its mysterious, dark and often hilarious telephone messages transplanted into electronic soundscapes.

Other musical pursuits Trotman has particpated in or is currently playing with include: Workday/Schoolnight, Secret Message Machine, Eros and the Eschaton and Greensboro Brown.

Workday/Schoolnight is Trotman's ongoing outlet for experimental recordings, electronic synth-punk compositions, and live performances. Drawing on both underground and mainstream artists from the late 70s and early 80s, Trotman sites San Francisco found-sound collage music originals, Negativland, as well as early Fad Gadget, Tuxedomoon, Telex and Throbbing Gristle as influences. 

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Selling Rebellion - Workday/Schoolnight


"The Children" by Workday/Schoolnight, 2009.