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INVISIBLE is a mechanical music museum. INVISIBLE is dance music for your brain. INVISIBLE is a reverse engineered folk science daydream. INVISIBLE's creative core is Mark Dixon and Bart Trotman, but often features a colorful cast of characters and contributors.

For the past six years Invisible has been touring regionally, bringing with them a truck full of their equipment, findings, ideas and artstruments . Performances at The North Carolina Museum of Art and Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, Winston-Salem's SECCA, The Ackland Museum at UNC, Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, as well as a returning spot at the Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington have made INVISIBLE the happy accident moment for many event goers.

Highlighting self constructed instruments such as Rhythm 1001, the Selectric Piano and Elsewhere's Roof, the soundtrack to an alternate reality is created. This world is littered with sound junk, throbbing beats, haunting voices, humming motors, memories and static.

INVISIBLE's extended collective includes multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Henderson, video and noise artist Dan Kaufman,  professional typist Jodi Staley and wizard Fred Snider.  

For a run-down of past performances and accomplishments, please see our CV.